Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Suspension of Disbelieve Shattered In A Trailer

You know when you have a moment where you see something during a movie that completely takes you out of it? I had one of those moments watching a trailer last night.

I was watching Conan (huzzah!) and a trailer for the new Paul Haggis film, The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks, and I was totally getting into it.

And then there was that moment that I mentioned.

Russell Crowe opened a car door with a tennis ball. That doesn't work.

If it was a comedy, I would have shrugged it off, but the film is setting itself up as a tense action/thriller, and knowing that particular method doesn't work makes me question the rest of the film. It pops my suspension of disbelieve completely.

I know that perhaps the filmmakers didn't want to show the viewing audience a real method of beating an electronic lock, which I would accept. Other than that, it detracts from the moment for me.


Andrew Green said...

I agree....
Nothing worse than a horrible trailer.

And how was Conan?

MC said...

Andrew: Though I think the super-spoiler trailers are worse for me as a potential viewer.

I think Conan can still play the game. I think there is a little rust though.

Maven said...

I'm lost at the mental pic of opening a door with a tennis ball. How does one go about doing that? Am I going to have to see the movie to figure it out? Was the rest of the movie ruined for you due to this detail?

MC said...

There is a video where a woman with a tennis ball with a hole cut in it places said item hole first against a car door's key slot and pushes the air out of it quickly with the palm of her hand, resulting in the lock opening.

It was a power lock, and earlier in the video you see the door being locked from the key chain. So it is obvious how that door got unlocked.