Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Express Checkout: Jump Street, Kanye, Global Warming

- With all this talk about the Jonah Hill-written/produced/starring production of 21 Jump Street has me thinking about just how cool of a concept it originally was. Baby-faced cops fighting high school crime. No wonder it was successful on the fledgling Fox. Granted in other teen movies, those same characters would be the hated narcs who were wrecking everyone's fun, but it is all a matter of perspective really.

- I finally get Kanye West, and I feel so silly that I didn't see it before. Kanye West is a troll. As a veteran of the internet, I should have seen it earlier, but really, I wanted to give him as limited a benefit of the doubt as I could. But honestly, it is so obvious looking back on everything he has ever said or done publicly, because the idea that this isn't just an Andy Kaufmanesque act scares the living crap out of me.

- There is a Republican Senator who has revealed that he doesn't believe that global warming is a problem because of the covenant God made with Noah, so it just can't happen because when God wants to destroy us, he will. And that man, John Shimkus wants to head the Committee on Energy and Commerce. I am sincerely interested in reading/hearing the things he was saying about the prospects of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War, because I am sure there was also a pithy little passage in there about it not being possible because of another covenant with God. But he doesn't want Iran to have nuclear weapons (I don't either, but that is another story), so I guess he does believe mankind can mess up the planet. Hmmm. Interesting. *facepalm*


Kal said...

You don't remember how revolutionary 21 Jump Street was at the time. It was like 'In Living Color' and was a show made for the teen demographic and was hip and cool to watch. Even 90210 was geered towards that crowd between high school and college and it kinda spoke to our issues back then. Or at least I saw it that way. I was in that demographic when those shows first were on TV.

I was not a fan of Kanye's. I found him to be a arrogant jerk but since he was on SNL this year I have been checking out more of his music. The guy is a musical genius but a very damaged person who has fears and issues that have everything to do with him being a black man in America. I get his pain. I don't excuse it but I get it. I wish he would find a better way to express how much he is hurting because people would really like him alot if he didn't give them every reason to hate him. He would get the respect he so desperately craves but will never achieve that with his stupid antics. I want to slap and hug him at the same time and you have no idea how weird it is for me to say that. Go back and watch his performance on SNL this year...MAGICAL.

MC said...

I just remember some of the issue-oriented episodes they did, and the fact that there was a featured musical artist every episode (at least at the beginning).