Tuesday, November 02, 2010

In Lieu of Election Coverage: Demi Lovato

I could write about the election or the video game related court case that is before the Supreme Court, but I thought I would go in a different direction.

Demi Lovato.

Now, you all know I am not a huge Disney guy, and I don't follow the lives of any of their famous young stars, so when I read the full statement of what was actually going on... well, I totally understand why she left that tour and sought therapy.

I am thinking back to when I was 17 or 18, and just imagining having a relationship with someone, having it go sour and then having to continue to work with them in a very public setting in a professional way, and while doing so, having to observe that person get over me and move on with someone else.

That would be bad enough. But then there was all the other pressure she was getting from her other professional commitments too, the endless promotions and filming and so many other things that were heaped upon her in so short a time.

If it was me, I would have broken down so much sooner than she did. Stress and emotional turmoil together is a deadly cocktail, and in her position, where she was always in the public eye and in a professional setting she had to be perfect... it is totally understandable that something had to give.

Thinking about this incident has made me think about some of the snap judgments I have made about other individuals in the past and made me perhaps see that I was entirely too hard on them, and I likely owe a few of them an apology.


Kal said...

Like you, I have taken pleasure in the breakdowns of celebrities more than I should have in the past. Britney shaving her head and flipping out in public was entertainment. However, with Demi, I feel sad for her. She really has done nothing to deserve any hatred or venom coming her way. She is a young girl put in an impossible situation and I feel my protective nature coming out. She always seemed so centered and giving - like my beloved Selena Gomez - and always had time for her young fans. I hope she can turn this into a teachable moment for young girls out there who let's admit have a tough time growing up in this media culture. The messages they get to be perfect are enough to break anyone, especially someone in the limelight.

MC said...

She doesn't seem like she has flaunted herself in the same way either.