Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Video: Robogeisha

It is like someone showed the Grindhouse trailers to the director of The Machine Girl and he said to himself, yeah, I can totally top that with a movie of my own.

I thought I saw some bare breasts in this, so it may not be safe for work. It is definitely not safe for sanity.

That was just insane. And now I have to seek this out for my own viewing.


Arjan said...

saw it a while back, so over the top crazy it must be a fun watch as long as you're not expecting a decent story (or decent English for that matter :P)

Kal said...

There is just something very very wrong at the heart of Japanese culture. For such an uptight and proper society on the surface - it has an underbelly darker than anything in the west. Should we be surprised that a movie like this is concidered mainstream? Girls, blood, guns and robots.

MC said...

Arjan: I think the voiceover indicates how weird the English is going to be.

Kal: But no visible genitals... with a side of tentacle rape.