Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Express Checkout: T-Bag, O'Donnell, Die Hard, King of Fighters

- The producers of the upcoming A&E's Breakout Kings (who just happen to be the former producers of Prison Break) want to cast Robert Knepper on their new show. And they want him to play his former character, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. My interest in this show just rose exponentially.

- I've heard a rumor that Christine O'Donnell's senate campaign is aimed not towards her winning that particular seat, but another one: Fox News employee. I would totally buy that. I am not saying that it is true, but given some of the other politicians who, after losing an election, have ended up there, it wouldn't surprise me if that was at least an established fallback position for O'Donnell. (And as a side note, given her puritanical attitudes and statements in the present and past, I am sure if a sex tape was to surface featuring her, it would be a huge seller).

- So there is a CGI sequel to Starship Troopers and 2 more Die Hard movies in the works. Boo to the former and maybe, maybe a yes! to the latter. It depends on who is writing those sequels and if they are going to be PG-13 or Restricted.

- I watched the King of Fighters movie last week, and while it was bad (though not The Legend of Chun-Li bad, as you would expect a video game based movie to be, it did manage to capture just how brutal SNK Bosses are in film form. I think that is something most movies based on fighting games tend to miss.


daphne said...

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Lee Sargent said...

I'm okay with them leaving Die Hard alone now, I'm not a hater of 4.0 but I'm also not exactly showering it with praise.

Now a hardcore CGI Troopers film I could get behind, but it's going to be lame, it just is.

King of Fighters? Interesting I had the opportunity to watch it a little while back and didn't bother, of course I still haven't sat down to watch Chun Li either.

Semaj said...

T-Bag: that is great freaking news. I'm surprised he's even considering it because he's kind of got a steady line of roles similar to t-bag lately

The Legend of Chun-Li: Can anything be as bad a that movie? I still laugh at the bad acting in that movie.

Starship Troopers: I just hope it's better than that CGI mini series that came out about ten years ago. "Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles"

MC said...

Lee: Your Cousin Larry lent me King of Fighters. Ray Park played a Rugal, and I will let TV Tropes explain:

"The SNK boss by which all others are defined is Rugal Bernstein from The King of Fighters '94, the first and arguably the hardest. His first form is cake, but once round 2 starts and that tux comes off, hoo, boy are you in for one cheap son of a bitch."

Semaj: I just keep thinking "They made Chun Li a pianist and Bison an Irishman? Did they even play any of the games... did they even see pictures from it being played?

I could see Knepper doing that role though... it is a steady paycheck and he would be working with people he has a relationship with.

Lee Sargent said...

I'm going to try and check out both Chun Li and King of Fighters over the next week or so, I'm concerned that my head is going to implode but I've got a pretty bad headcold and maybe that'll balance it all out.