Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday Video: Video Game Fighting Tournament

I saw this after I posted my own entry about this, but the similarities in theme made it worth posting. The fact that it is funny and made by Canadians is just a bonus at this point.

What it to the end, as there is a little more after the credits.

And does anyone recognize the sound the phone makes when it rings? I thought that was a neat touch.


Semaj said...

The video does make a good point of mentioning all the “underground” fighting Leagues in the gaming industry. It would be interesting to see a world where all these tournaments exist at the same time.

I'm not sure about the phone ring, but to me it sounds like the opening notes to Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1.

MC said...

It was indeed Sonic.

There was an in joke there about two tournaments booking the same day for an event. TNA and WWE just went through that.

Semaj said...

wow, I can't believe I got that one!

MC said...

Having never really played a Sonic game, I am shocked I got it.

Arjan said...

The escapist brings tons of comedy :)