Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now I am on Twitter!

Last April, I wrote about getting a copy of Guitar Hero after being resistant to its charms for so long.

At the time, I said that given how long it took me to get that game, I would probably be on Twitter sometime in October 2010.

Well, I guess I got on it a little earlier than expected. But for not remembering that date, I think I did pretty well resisting its charms.

That's right. I started a Twitter account, making me one of the latest possible adopters of this form of social media.

I am sure Semaj thinks I am doing this now:

The reason I finally gave in was I wanted to have another place to announce my Coalition of Awesomeness posts aside from here, and there may be another blogging project on the horizon for me, but I still haven't decided if I am going to undertake it. And I see so many excellent links every day that I don't get to share, and now everyone else might get a chance to see them too.


DEZMOND said...

I'm Twitting too, although I still don't really get the sense of it, I only use it for promoting my links :)

Semaj said...

Yeah, I am not a fan of twitter, but I really hate it when people use it to replace blogging.

But you're using it the correct way, to promote your blogging projects. That's pretty much the only reason I am on Facebook; to promote my blog. Social media is just another tool to promote our stuff.

Thumbs up.

Tracey said...

Awesome! I've just hit the 'follow' button on your tweets! :)

Lee Sargent said...

*Insert evil laugh here*

Jeff said...

I'm still a hold-out. Tempted at times, but still a hold-out.

MC said...

Dezmond: Well, we could follow each other ;)

Semaj: I am too much of an attention whore to give up blogging for Twitter. Well, at least not until I get a lot more followers (and I learn to be much more profound in 140 characters).

Tracey: Thank you :)

Lee: You know I am doomed right?

Jeff: Perhaps it will get you one day... one day.

DEZMOND said...

I've added you over at Twitter ;)