Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How I spent my Ad Revenue

As I am sure some of you have noticed, over the past year or so, there have been a few ads on my blog. It originally started because I wanted to make a little money to use to advertise my t-shirt designs, and well, I didn't really get around to doing that.

And because I am just making mad money from my ads doing this whole blogging thing... I mean, I could probably get a cup of coffee a week... not that fancy Starbucks stuff, or even a large one at a relatively reasonably priced chain that I am sure every Canadian is familiar with, but if I budgeted it right, I might be able to afford a small one every week. Might.

However, I just kept letting that loot build up in my account, and after my recent confessional post last week, well, I thought I should try something I hadn't done before and well, I went over to Ebay and parlayed the little bit of money I've made blogging to try to check at least one thing off that list.

Thus I bid on and won the following item:

I've fought the temptation since October 2007, but I finally gave in. Given this precedent, I guess I will start twittering sometime around October 2010.


AG said...

You know well that we, your loyal readers, are pleased to aid in any way possible with procrastination, distraction, and other forms of slack. That's just how we are.

MC said...

I'm a Dudeist... I am all about the slack.

Lee said...

I've spent a considerable amount of time not getting any better at Guitar Hero :)

Although it did teach me that I have been performing air guitar incorrectly all these years (doing it backwards in case you were wondering).

It's a lot of fun though and I've picked up 2, 3 and the Aerosmith versions.

Will you be posting youtube video of you performing :)

MC said...

From what I've read, you can switch the guitar the other way around so technically you weren't doing it wrong ;)

And I don't think the world would be enthralled to see me working through easy. I may have a lot of games and a lot of experience with gaming, but I am a quick and dirty sort of fella. I've learned I am not a stickler for 100% in anything.