Monday, October 29, 2007

Fighting some Mighty Temptation

Since I bought a Playstation 2 a few years ago, I've resisted a growing urge. Of course, that urge has really been scratching at my brain as of late, and I feel that I may succumb to the temptation very soon.

You see, I've never played a Guitar Hero game, and part of me really really wants to.

At first, I resisted the impulse to play it because of the guitar controller. I've had been burned more than once on peripherals (I owned a R.O.B. Robot, Power Glove, NES Mouse etc), and well, a guitar seemed a little gimmicky to me. That and I completely suck at rhythm-based games. It is pathetic really.

And then the second installment of the game came out, and everyone was talking about it, and there were times when I wanted to bask in the light of faux thrashage, I truly did, but I've held firm in my resolve. Sure, I drove by Youtube videos online that were out of my way, but I don't have a problem.

My resolve started to really weaken this weekend with the release of Guitar Hero III... I might break before the end of November, and if I do, it will consume my very soul because I would have to achieve simulated rock perfection. It would turn me into a sweaty, leather-bedecked mess that desperately needs to melt some virtual faces. Forget about me blogging for a while... I would be sick in the head for a while if I started down that road.

I know if I open that door, there is no going back, and I don't know if I am fully prepared for that just yet.


Factor 10 said...

I am commenting a little late, but I bought it strictly for the kids and they enjoy it. When they can pry my cramped fingers from those stupid keys, that is. They ar soooo getting GH3 for Christmas...

MC said...

Well, if it is any consolation, Slash basically stated that if he starts playing it, he can't stop. I think that is a mighty big endorsement for it being addictive.

Lee said...

I snapped on GH2 and bought it a little while ago. I discovered that I've been air guitaring wrongly all this time.

I too am rhythmically challenged yet still recommend the game with all of my cramped fingers!!

MC said...

Isn't it too fast though?