Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thought Experiment: The Big Lebowski recast

Last week, the crew at the Midnight Movie Club watched Major League, and during the conversation, they mentioned something which started to tickle the back of my brain.

They noted the similarities between Sam Elliott and the man who played the coach in Major League, the late James Gammon, and my mind started to put together an alternate casting of a classic movie.

I am talking about The Big Lebowski.

Now I should note, this is a thought experiment and nothing more. I am completely satisfied with the casting as it stands now, and this is merely some idle speculation.

The only limitations I put on this was the actors in question had to be in a position to take that role when the movie was in production. That means that they had to be active in Hollywood to be chosen. And some of the choices do have some experience with the Coens too, which doesn't hurt.

And I know that some of the choices that came up when I was putting this together are going to rub some people the wrong way (I have a feeling my Dude is going to really have some people scratching their heads as well).

But in the end, this was a fun little experiment, one which I may do in the future (in addition to a few more "If I wrote/cast (blank)" posts).

The Stranger: Originally played by Sam Elliott. Alternate, the aforementioned late James Gammon.

Jeffery Lebowski: originally played by David Huddleston. In this version, M. Emmet Walsh.

Brandt: originally played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Alternate: Brendan Fraser.

Bunny Lebowski: Originally played by Tara Reid. Alternate, Marley Shelton.

Jesus Quintana: originally played by John Turturro. Alternate casting: John Leguizamo.

Donny Kerabatsos: played by Steve Buscemi. Alternate: William H. Macy.

Walter Sobchak: played by John Goodman. In this version, Samuel L. Jackson.

The Dude: originally completely inhabited by Jeff Bridges, recast as Christopher Walken.

I think in this experiment, The Big Lebowski becomes a little angrier and a little twitchier, which could work. But I still love it the way it is now.


Pat Tillett said...

You are messing with one of my favorite movies here, but I like it!
I really like Samuel L. Jackson taking John Goodman's role. The dialogue would have been much better.

you got my brain spinning....

John said...

As an alternative, I propose recreating the movie with the surviving cast members of Gilligan's Island, with the roles assigned randomly.

MC said...

Pat: And he does have a way with the f-bomb too. He'd certainly have some words about what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.

John: Well, how about A Few Good Men as played by members of the Brady Bunch.