Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have You Read GQ's Bill Murray Interview?

It is epic.

The fact that Quick Change comes up on two non-consecutive occasions in the interview, and to me, that is one of his most underrated movies (and one of my favorite all time films).

And like a lot of his other media appearances, he really dishes some dirt. It is refreshing to see someone just come out and say things and not apologize for it. More people should do that, because sometimes the nasty thing has to be said.

Bill Murray is still a curmudgeon, but he is my kind of curmudgeon.

Awesome stuff as always. But would you expect anything less from the legend?


Semaj said...

Great interview. I guess he was under contract to do Garfield II.

I agree with him when he says they're the same people that did Year One and that was a terrible movie.

I haven't given Quick Change a second chance.

He also gets points for not watching Seinfeld.

Arjan said...

I never know what to think of Murray in movies, sometimes I réally like him, sometimes he annoys me to death.

Great interview nonetheless. I'd get an 800 nr if that would prevent me from getting calls 24/7.

MC said...

Semaj: Well, it seems he was well-compensated for that though.

And you should give Quick Change another viewing indeed.

Arjan: He is a man of mystery sometimes.