Thursday, July 29, 2010

Midweek Video: Come Into My World

I am posting this video for the Michel Gondry direction/concept... not for the song.

I remember seeing this video a relatively long time ago, and I don't remember noticing all the commotion in the background too.


Pat Tillett said...

Wow! I've never seen this before. That was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Your brilliant blog post, and graphic, on blogger burnout, is genius, and one of the funniest things I have ever seen on a blog :-)

I'm at bacon level right now. Fried. Pretty much.

Thank you,
david_720 at hotmail dot com

Jeff said...

that's just awesome. Excellent stuff. And the background action doesn't repeat, that I can tell.

MC said...

Pat: It took me a while to find it again, because I couldn't remember what it was called.

Dave: Thank you so much.

Jeff: No, it interacts with itself. So it was so plotted that the background is doing its thing while Kylie has ample room to move.

DEZMOND said...

I love when we go back in the past and find music videos directed by some directors who are now big in the movie world.
I love LOOSING MY RELIGION and THE BEDTIME STORIES, my favourite director Tarsem Singh did for REM and MADONNA. He later on did amazing films THE CELL and THE FALL and is now preparing IMMORTALS, the Greek Epic. He also did that cool gladiator commercial for Pepsi with Enrique Iglesias, Beyonce, Pink, Britney ...

David Fincher did BAD GIRL for Madonna.

DEZMOND said...

I've made a mistake BEDTIME STORIES video was done by Mark Romanek (also did RAIN) for Madonna, but he is also now a movie director with a great film ONE HOUR PHOTO in his CV.

MC said...

Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) has made some really excellent videos as well.

Arjan said...

can I just note she's hot in that video, and still is btw.

*hehe word verification 'unbra'*