Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Star for Escape From New York?

I just read that Timothy Olyphant may be replacing Gerard Butler as the star of the upcoming remake of Escape from New York.

I am on the record as being against a remake of Escape from New York on general principle, but if forced to talk about it, I could see how Gerard Butler could have played Snake Plissken.

Tim Olyphant on the otherhand? Not so much.

I liked him in Go and a few other things, but when I think of him, I can't see him being Snake Plissken. Kurt Russell made that role and Gerard Butler probably would have been able to do something with that opportunity.

I am hearing his voice trying to play Snake Plissken, and it is just so wrong in my head. And that is the thing that is really turning me off his potential attachment to this remake that didn't need to be made in the first place. Kurt Russell he is not. He plays anger in a completely different way, and I don't think that what he does will do the character justice. Well, no one but Russell can do the role justice, but he would do a little less than Butler.


Jeff V said...

Interesting - for me, Olyphant seems a better choice than Butler. I think he can pull it off.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Some things just shouldn't be remade. Why not just do ANOTHER Snake movie with Russel? There are alot of other city for him to escape from. It's not like it will be the same movie as Escape From New York anyways. My Snake Plisken is not soft and gentle like Timothy O - my Snake is bitter and cynical. I know Gerard could have pulled that off at least. Why does the world hate me so?

MC said...

Jeff: I have a feeling you watched more Deadwood than I did.

Cal: I was very disappointed with remakes like Assault on Precinct 13, so I am especially wary of the Carpenter retreads. They have been awful for the most part, and like you, I don't think casting Olyphant is doing the movie any favors (just like centering the Assault remake on Ethan Hawke wasn't a good idea).

Razor said...

I dunno, have you watched Justified on FX? Olyphant being cast makes me infinitely more interested in this movie than if Butler were on board. Maybe it's because anything post-300 that I've seen Butler in, I just want to headbutt him in the teeth, but Olyphant would make an interesting, though admittedly odd, choice.

But you're right, an Escape from NY remake is completely unnecessary.

MC said...

I don't think we got Justified up here in Canada just yet.

But I agree... Gerard Butler's movies as of late have been of a questionable quality.