Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Want to Live La Vita Lucha

If it was socially acceptable, and I didn't wear glasses, I would totally be into wearing a lucha mask all the time.

I mean, there is just something cool in my mind about being the masked man all the time. It is as if you are hiding your identity, but at the same time, you are still very recognizable.

It doesn't even look out of place with a suit. Then again, both El Santo and the Blue Demon are cooler than I will ever be, so perhaps it is just the two of them that can pull off such a combination.

If I was going to be bold, I guess I would have to be worried about going into a bank or shop and having the teller/clerk freak out because they thought I was wearing a balaklava and was therefore there to rob the joint. Once again, criminals ruin it for the rest of society.

I mean, ideally, I'd want to be dapper and suave like the aforementioned El Santo, or work it like Rey Mysterio.

But in all likelihood, this is more representative of me with a lucha mask.



Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

While I do suspect that your summation about how being masked 24/7 would look like in reality, I am still going to belive in a world called Lucha where we will be ALMOST as cool as Santo and Blue Demon.

I agree with you that trying to match them is too high a hill for any mortal man to climb.

I so want a cool one of these masks.

MC said...

Well, I know some place you can get a lucha mask if you want it. ;)

John said...

What would your wrestling name be?

MC said...

El Diablo Verde