Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the End of Ugly Betty

So, if it isn't apparent from the title, I will be discussing the ending of Ugly Betty, and if you haven't watched the final episode the series, well, then perhaps you shouldn't read this until you come back.

On the whole, I was satisfied with the conclusion of the show, although one thought did come to mind.

There was one character I think I would have brought back for the finale if it had been up to me, and it is probably not the one you may suspect.

I think that the producers should have brought Cliff St. Paul back. Think about it... Marc was just getting a grip on his own neuroses regarding relationships, and Cliff was his first serious boyfriend on the show. And as we know, it was Marc's fear of commitment that led him to throw it away with a cheap one night stand, so a reintroduction at the end would have been, to me at least, a great ending for the character. Yes, the reconcilation with Troy was ok, but let's face it, Marc was never committed to that relationship either.

And I wasn't upset with how the Daniel/Betty dynamic played out, and that was something that I was worried about.

I mean, she was upset that he wasn't at her going away party, but her consternation was explained slightly earlier in that segment of the show in a chat between Claire Meade and herself, where she wondered if Daniel was mad at her and Claire indicated but did not outright say that Daniel might be in love with Betty... she let Betty put those pieces together. And he let her go to London without expressing his feelings for her.

And in the end, Betty was true to herself and embarked on an adventurous and successful new life in London. Eventually she bumped into Daniel (who had given up his job at Mode to Wilhelmina because it was the right thing to do at that moment) in Trafalgar Square and they agree to go to dinner. There was no kissing, no admission of feelings... just an open ending. We just know that Daniel digs her and at no point was their any real indication that she reciprocated, so nothing seemed forced.

It was an ending that didn't wreck the show, and when I read rumors that Silvio Horta wanted the ending to be Betty and Daniel becoming a couple, I had grave doubts, because nothing up to that point had been leading to that... and the ambiguity worked because it didn't force them together, but if something was to happen, well, it doesn't seem strange.

I also have to mention I liked some of the references to the first episode, like the talk on the stoop between Justin and Betty and the red type overlay of "Ugly Betty" at the very end (which in the finale then lost the word "Ugly")

I don't think any one of the main characters got screwed in the end... so it was a happy, happy ending for everyone involved. Even the fact that Ignatio is going to be living in an empty nest is tempered with the thought that his children and grandchild are entering a new world and that he was instrumental in helping that happen.

There are rumors that there may be a movie coming, but I don't think there really needs to be one. I was satisfied with how that ended.

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