Monday, April 26, 2010

A Culture Kills Comics experiment

Last week, I was visiting Popped Culture where there was an entry about a little movement (spurred on by a New Yorker-based experiment) that you could replace the punchline of a comic with the phrase "Christ, What an asshole" and it would still work.

I thought it would be interesting to see if I could randomly pick some of my own comics and see if the principle works.







Well, for an unscientific poll, those aren't bad results. Granted, not every comic punch line can so easily be substituted. Hard to believe there was actually a time when I could write occasionally funny comics.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Now THAT was funny. I love anything 'Batboy' related. That freak has moxie I tells ya. Too bad the so called 'mainstream' media doesn't do enough reporting on Batboy's adventures like the 'Weekly World News' did. I miss that rag. They were old school crazy.

Mayren said...

Long time reader- sporadic commentor...

i love love looooove your comics. this installation is awesome as well. *hifives the MC*

Jeremy Barker said...

Fine work, sir - nice to see a burgeoning put into practice.

John said...

That's a neat find. I didn't know that you cartooned.

MC said...

Cal: I used to get emails from someone calling themselves The Batboy re: Weekly World News.

Mayren: I used to be a talented writer.

Jeremy: I wonder if there are any Far Side comics using the phrase floating around.

John: I used to do a lot of things... *looks back wistfully in a Charlton Heston sort of way*

Sadako said...

It does work. Kind of reminds me of when ppl took out the Garfield thought panels from the Garfield comics and John looks like he's slowly going insane.

Great blog, btw!

MC said...

Thank you. :)