Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Video: Jon Stewart's Epic Glenn Beck Takedown

On Thursday, Jon Stewart did something astonishing. In a long opening segment, he took down Glenn Beck... and took him down hard.

And I loved every second of it. So much so that I had to have it on the Sunday Video in its entirety. And if you remember, Glenn Beck is on my enemies list.

I found the whole clip over at North of Westminster, so you should check out what they are doing over there too.

It was truly a thing of beauty. I want to see what he says on Monday about it.


John said...

I never watched Beck. But when I heard that he had invited on his show and praised the John Birch Society, I tracked down the YouTube vid to make sure. And he had done precisely that.

I'm a big believer in political exile: that there are certain beliefs that, once you say them, should result in automatic expulsion from public discourse. If it's bad enough, the ban should last throughout a person's life. No harm should be done to them, mind you, but their opinion on public policy should be unwelcome.

The John Birch Society should be shunned by everyone on the right, not welcomed on a TV show or allowed to co-sponsor a major political convention.

John said...

Oh, I forgot to add the last part:

Because he praised the John Birch Society, Beck should be condemned by his ideological compatriots.

Not for life, but certainly for a while.

I've heard that he's made various other offensive claims, but I don't pay attention to him, and so I don't know if there are other valid objections to him.

MC said...

I used to stop on Beck's show when he was on Headline News, and even then, he wasn't as nutty as he is now.

I think both sides should stop whipping out words like Nazi, Hitler, fascist and the like... a real life version of Godwin's Law if you will. The fact that Beck dressed up like a Nazi... yeah, I'd make his stay in exile a long one.

MC said...

dressed up like a Nazi for the cover of his most recent book.

John said...

According to this blogger (ex-German army officer), Beck was dressed as a modern German army officer. That is, post 1953, and not Nazi Germany.

MC said...

I will chalk it up as an honest mistake.

John said...

I would, too. When I first saw the cover, I guessed that it was from a Warsaw Pact military force.

I have no idea what Beck was trying to convey by wearing the uniform, but I haven't read the book.

Megan said...

That was unbelievably fabulous.

Semaj said...

I love the China bit.

Thanks for posting this, It is brilliant.

I never knew why GB always used a chalkboard. Did he watch Back to the Future II and think it was a neat idea? (Yes, I brought in a random BTTF II reference.)

MC said...

John: Perhaps he wants other people to make the same mistakes we made so he can call the people who did so out as idiots.

Megan: I saw Beck responding to it... he tried to show how Stewart was wrong.

Semaj: When I used to see Beck on HLN, the pattern he used to do is "Here's what I know." "Here's what I don't know".