Monday, March 08, 2010

Express Checkout: Latifah, Pilgrim, Space Invaders

- I love the fact that Queen Latifah has a clause in her contracts now that her character can't get killed off because she realized that if she gets killed off in a movie and they make a sequel, she probably won't be in it. Though having this knowledge now means that any dramatic tension that someone she is playing could die in the movie seems to be gone, and likely, if that clause wasn't in a contract, then she probably would die in that movie.

- Kevin Smith has given Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim movie a thumbs up by saying he didn't screw it up. Was there rumors going around that the geek and pop culture friendly director was somehow about to make his first bomb? I am trying to think of something from Wright's recent past that would make failure an option at this point. Basically, if someone hasn't screwed up yet, I wouldn't assume that they were about to do so prematurely. Let a dude fail on his own terms.

- A Space Invaders movie has been in the works for years? Seriously? How did I not know this, and more importantly, how would you actually make a movie about that one. I mean, there is no story... at all. I mean, Futurama riffed on it, but I think that was about as good as you were going to get on that one. And Will Arnett is/was attached to it.... wow. I don't know what to say.

- Is it just me or did Jeremy Renner look really pissed that he didn't win the Best Actor award last night at the Oscars.


Lee Sargent said...

Not only are they planning a Space Invaders movie but also a Monopoly one and the Battleship movie is already filming.

I'm hoping to see Law and Order: Guess Who next year ;)

Dan said...

My vote is for Hungry Hungry Hippos

MC said...

They made a series of parodies of this very thing on Robot Chicken.