Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24 likely ending this season

While it isn't official yet, there are serious rumors saying that due to production costs, 24 may be ending its run at the end in May at the end of the current season.

If this is true, I think I can accept that decision.

Yes, 24 and I have had some good times in the past, and after the horrific sixth season, I almost called it quits, but I gave it another chance and last season, it didn't disappoint.

But I would be the first one to admit that with so many scenarios being played out on the series, well, there are very few viable threats left to explore, as most of them have already either been foiled or come to pass. For instance, how strong is the bogeyman of a nuclear explosion if one has blown up on U.S. soil more than once.

So yes, I think this might be the right time to wind the show down.

I can laugh about it now, but whenever my sister would call and I would mention 24 was about to start, she'd always quip, "Is that still on?" Well, I guess very shortly it won't be. (And Keith Olbermann is going to have to find a new entertainment whipping boy)

I also realize that with Ugly Betty going off the air this season as well, I am going to be officially out of shows I have to watch weekly for the first time... well, ever, so I get to start next season off with a completely clean slate.

Hopefully Jack Bauer will find the peace he deserves by the end of this day. He looked like he was closest he's ever been in long time recently.


John said...

I haven't seen a single episode yet. It's hard to get into a serial midway.

Since Hulu and its illegal cousins rose to prominence four years ago, I stopped watching TV on the TV. Now I watch an entire series at a time. That's the way to watch a serial.

Right now, I'm working through season 2 of Babylon 5.

Semaj said...

Hmm, I always thought 24 should have ended on a sober/high note of season 5. I felt that was the strongest season to date, as far as character arcs go. It truly felt like the show could have ended right there.

I stopped watching after season 5, but I liked the TV movie though.

While I'm okay with them ending the show, something tells me they'll put some trashy reality show in its place, which I find sad.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I totally agree with John...there is something better about watching a series or season in it's entirety at one time. I am doing that with 'Lost' and it's fun to avoid all the hype and discussion following that show.

24 just doesn't seem to have it this year. I am having that sense of 'deja vu all over again'. Katie Sockoloff's character is beyond stupid and would never have the position she does with the mistakes she makes. And you are right. They are running out of character actors to play villains and threats big enough for Jack to save us from. What's next? Some cartoonish supervillain tries to pull the moon into the earth? Hey, that's not bad.

If you want a show that is good for a weekly watch might I suggest Stargate Universe? Good acting and writing and you don't have to be a 'Stargate' geek to catch up. The story is simple. Ship caught millions of light years from Earth tries to get home. I know it sounds like a week premise but the way the people interact with each other (since no one was suppose to be on that ship in the first place) is very rewarding.

Lee Sargent said...

They are in talks about a 24 film that will be set in Europe which from all accounts those involved with the show all seem to be keen on exploring.

I'm invested enough in the characters now that a departure from the real time element of the show in favour of a big screen action thriller would be welcomed!

I just don't get as excited over the show anymore which is a real shame but it probably means they should call it a day.

Mayren said...

weeeekly dose of "Big Bang Theory" is nice. just saying

Anonymous said...

Since we're recommending shows:

Sons of Anarchy
Breaking Bad

All are similar to 24 in that they are intense, action-based dramas with a focus on character development. They're complex shows, so I'd recommend catching up on previous seasons online or on DVD. Short seasons, but between these three and Doctor Who, I usually have a weekly show to watch. They just rotate every few months.

The only other weekly show I watch is the Rotten Tomatoes show, found online. I'm a movie review junkie.

Megan said...

I guess I don't watch enough TV. I got nothin'.

MC said...

John: I am very spoiler conscious, so I sort of have to watch certain series when they air.

Semaj: See, you got off the bus at the right time.

Cal: Yeah, there does seem to be a lot of repetition this season, I agree. And I will ask Lee about Stargate.

Lee: See, I think if they had moved away from Jack Bauer for 8-12 hours, I think I might get more excited, because so much has happened to him that you can't get excited when he gets involved in a situation. So, what about this Stargate?

Mayren: I have to catch up on that one, mainly for the geek-based humor.

Malora: I really have to get into Dexter.

Megan: That's OK. My list was very short too.