Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Now that's a BFG!

There is a common complaint when it comes to video games, and it is that the women they represent don't exist in real life... and I almost bought into it. Until I saw the following picture during my self-imposed semi-holiday from blogging.

Oh my... video game-type heroines do exist. I mean, if someone made a mockup with an artistic rendering on that picture as the front cover of a game, I'd totally believe it was a real product. It is sort of funny too, because that gun looks like it is almost as tall as she is.

Then again, video games are often based on people wielding hilariously huge weapons... so why should real life be an exception.


Megan said...

People with neck tattoos make me laugh. Don't they have any idea what that is going to look like later in life?

I guess maybe they don't expect to live very long.

I do like her hairdo though!

MC said...

Well, I guess it is better than having a face tattoo.

Then again, I am not big on tattoos anyway.

Megan said...


I shall have to post some of my paintball pictures someday.

Kristyn said...

Well, not just neck tats but stretched earlobes at that!! I agree with you though, MC, she looks like she's ready to kick some serious monster ass. ;)

MC said...

Yeah, those are pretty freaky too. I wonder what other pieces of non-standard equipment she has.