Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How my 2009 Resolutions Panned Out

Well, as we near the end of another year, it is time for me to look back at the resolutions I made last year and see how I did.

Start a music-based podcast.

Yeah, I totally rocked this one. I did 4 podcasts, and I was a contributor to a lot of the podcasts Lee Sargent did this year too, so I am calling this one a success.

Movies I want to see:

The Machine Girl - Started it but didn't finish it.
Harold and Maude - Nope
Hit Man (a movie with Bernie Casey from the 70's) - Couldn't find it.
The Day After - Yes, I saw this one.
Pi - I saw this back in January. Unfortunately, I was really tired so now I can't really remember it.

225 Posts on this blog.

Yep. This one was easy. Even on bad weeks, I was still putting up 4-5 posts, so even with a few weeks off here and there, I still reached that modest goal.

Work on a writing a novel or a TV pilot.

I put together all my materials for the pilot, and I got a gift card for a Canadian book chain and I ordered a book on writing a pilot and one on screenwriting (because, hey, that is something interesting to learn as well). I also participated in NaNoWriMo, though I only got 3000 words or so, but it was an interesting start. So while I wasn't completely successful, I did actually work at this, and I have a few things to show for it, so I am giving myself a little bit of credit for this one.

One new blog feature.

Well, I guess both Cut Rate Cultural Analysis and My Enemies List count. They are enjoyable to do.

Get the Pop Culture Supreme Court back together.

Yeah, this one... this one just got by me. I just couldn't collect my thoughts together enough to propose a cohesive plan for getting the band back together as it were. I will put this out there though... if there is someone who was part of the original band that wants to take it over, well, maybe I can hand over the keys to the joint as it were.

I think I will be back tomorrow for the new resolutions. I think. Not promising anything.


Dan said...

You managed more of your resolutions than i did.

And I very much enjoyed your podcasting and your enemies list too :)

Kristyn said...

Well, MC. I would certainly say that you're ahead of me here. I don't even remember what my new years resolution was last year. Oh... wait... I believe I resolved not to resolve one in 2009, so I succeeded at mine instantly! lol.

Good luck on next years resolutions, MC. Happy almost New Year!

MC said...

Dan: Well, I pick attainable goals, the kinds of things that require very little daily effort, but things that in the end, can be managed even if I forget.

Kristyn: Where is the fun in not have a resolution though?