Friday, July 10, 2009

Weird Movie Combination

I was at the supermarket yesterday, and as this particular chain is apt to do, they have a huge bin of DVDs that you can pick over at bargain prices.

One of their suppliers puts together packages featuring a couple of movies which, for the most part, seem to fit (like putting Superman Returns and Star Trek Nemesis together or Dirty Harry and Red Heat)

I thought they made sense for the most part, and then I ran into this pairing:

I mean, who is the demographic this is targeted at really. A dark Stanley Kubrick movie about a mutiny in the French Army during the First World War and the consequences of that decision and a couple of children's cartoons about the children's book character Madeline. Hmmm... that is quite a double bill.

The only connection I can think of between those two things is basically that they both take place in France and the casts are North American. That's it.

And I don't really see a person sitting down and watching Paths of Glory and then making the conscious decision to throw in Madeline, even if it is just to take the edge off.

I would just love to find out how the decision to put those two things together was made, because there were more than a few of these particular 2-for-1 packages in the open display box. Part of me wonders if they literally drew movie titles from their library out of a hat.

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Arjan said...

it's worth a mash-up though :P