Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Video: Pass the Mic, Tom

I didn't set out to find another Beastie Boys mashup, but dammit, it seems like everything they get mashed up into is just sweet.

In this case, it is Tom Sawyer by Rush.

And while I am writing about the Beastie Boys, I hope Adam Yauch has successful treatment for and a speedy recovery from his recent diagnosis of cancer.


Arjan said...

hope he'll be ok. I saw them live once but the show could've been more energetic. I hope they get to prove it to me another time that they cán give an awesome performance (saw plenty of good shows on tv/internet).

themom said...

Being "old" I actually liked Beastie Boys. Even my kids are amazed. I, also hope the surgery goes well for the one.

MC said...

Arjan: You will likely get another shot at seeing them. They do seem to tour a lot. And I am still blown away by a particular MTV Europe award show performance of Open Letter to NYC that was superior in every way to the album version.

Themom: They have been around a long time, that's for sure.