Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Little Luck based word problem

I've always wondered who gets the bad luck in situations where two people are fighting and one combatant throws or pushes his/her opponent into or even through a mirror.

I mean, I know the person who went into the mirror has the bad luck in the short term, and the person who put them through it eventually gets some form of comeuppance, but is there some book of superstition rules that one who believed in such things should consult.

You know, something akin to the work Emily Post did for etiquette. There has to be some giant book of canon on this sort of thing to help people watching movies and reading books and the like keep up with who has given themselves or their foe some bad luck (like what if you ran under a ladder to push someone you were fighting against into the path of a black cat and through a mirror, but they managed to pick up a four leaf clover and clobber you with a lucky horseshoe... whose luck would be worse)? Sort of like a form of luck algebra or something like that.

Not that I am superstitious mind you... but I still think that would be an interesting book nonetheless...

Sometimes I have too much time on my hands.

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