Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Night Video: Frontier Psychiatrist

Australia's The Avalanches are masters of working a lot of samples together, so it seems only fitting that the second version of their video for Frontier Psychiatrist reflects that by making nearly sample an individual character in a strange stage play.

Even though I've seen it countless times, it never fails to amuse or draw my attention to small details I missed on previous viewings.


Lee said...

I love The Avalanches although I'm at a loss to name another song - this is brilliant though.

Oh course, that's right as I type this I remember the other stand out song - Since I Left You.

Nice way to spend a monday night listening to the Avalanches

MC said...

Originally this was going to be Since I Left You, but I couldn't get the math right to resize the player.

It is a silly reason, but it is the truth.

Tracey said...

This song totally rocks!!

I wonder what The Avalanches have been doing with themselves recently?

MC said...

I wonder that myself.