Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Short Circuit Remake

So now Hollywood has come for Johnny Five. Dimension Films and Dan Milano of Robot Chicken fame are working in league to reboot the Short Circuit franchise (this is one of those rare times when reboot makes a pleasing pun regarding the movie in question).

And here is the blasphemous part: I am OK with that. I am more than OK with that actually.

You see, since I had recently seen Short Circuit and I came to two conclusions after said viewing: a) Steve Gutenberg is, let's face it, a douchebag who I would like to see punched repeatedly in the face (though I wouldn't go to see a 90 minute movie that was like that... if it was Matthew Lillard on the other hand, well, slap away) and b) as an adult who has seen a lot of advancement in computer technology over the past 23 years, especially in terms of storage, somehow I can no longer suspend disbelief that even the most cutting edge piece of robotics would be able to store all the data it acquired, let alone have the processing power to use it in any meaningful way. In short, it doesn't really hold up for me anymore.

And let's face it, this reboot can't end up being any worse than Short Circuit 2. I mean, I am somehow supposed to believe that this sophisticated piece of living machinery would be able to somehow not only function in New York, but no one would really bat an eye about it, even the company that had originally put him together. I know NYC is pretty tolerant of alternate lifestyles and fashions, but somehow I think a smart talking robot would get some attention.

In retrospect, the whole thing leaves a lot to be desired, so yeah... I think perhaps a remake is indeed in order.

I can't believe I am actually advocating for a remake... boy, how times have changed.


Lee said...

Matthew Lillard? We so should have a chat about video game movies - I'm guessing you've got some bile saved up for Wing Commander that we should really get out.

MC said...

Funny thing is, I think I've blocked out almost every video game movie (I can't block out SMB unfortunately), and I've sort of avoided them after getting burned too many times.

Matthew Lillard just looks like the sort that would be fun to see getting backhanded a few times... I mean seriously, how can you look at this face and not want to slap it a few times.

Dalton J. Fox said...

Wow, man. You're giving a remake the thumbs up? Scary.

I'm not sure that I'm on board with this. I'm not saying that a remake won't win in places where the original and the sequel failed. I'm just saying there's no need to remake this flick at all because I don't think there'd be a lot of interest in it.

I know it's definitely not anything that I care about seeing at least. Ah hell, what do I know? This movie will probably make $150 million in theaters.

MC said...

I didn't think there was interest in remaking the original version of The Thing, but somehow that worked.