Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thoughts...

-At one point, I thought eye patches were really cool. I mean, Snake Plissken had one, Nick Fury had one, and so many other badasses. Hell, even James Joyce rocked one. And then two things happened. First I realized that behind those eye patches, well, there was a serious eye injury (most likely from a Red Ryder BB richochet... their mothers were right... they did shoot their eye out), and let's face it, there is nothing cool about someone with an eye injury. Of course, I was one the fence about the whole thing, and then Tom Cruise starred in Valkyrie wearing an eye patch, and he sucked whatever remaining cool eye patches ever had. I would love to see Kurt Russell kick his ass just for taking away some of the Plissken mystique.

-Paris Hilton copyrighted the phrase "That's Huge" and plans on billing other celebrities if they use it. *facepalm* I hope someone, somewhere challenges this with the precedent of Donald Trump vs. America, where it was established that a celebrity cannot own a common two word phrase (in his case, it was You're Fired). Putting it on merchandise and such would have been one thing, I mean, I could see value in what Hilton is doing. But no, she wants to charge other people for using it publicly. That's just chutzpah, and not in a good way. I feel like going over to my T-shirt shop and making one that says "That's Huge (send me a bill Paris, I dare you)"

-Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I was a fan of professional wrestling, and everyone involved in that discussion was very civil and I appreciate that. But in general, when you bring up the fact they you enjoy wrestling amongst a group of people who may not follow it, especially online, there is usually someone who says the following six words: You know it's not real, right? As a public service announcement on behalf of wrestling fans everywhere I would like to say that yes, if we are above a certain age, we know it is a scripted form of entertainment and we are in on it. All you are doing by telling us it isn't real is being condescending. If you were really excited about Lost and you mentioned it, and I responded with "You know it's not real, right?" you would likely think that I thought you were an idiot and that I was an asshole, would you not? Why is it somehow different when it is wrestling. And really, what is the best case scenario on this... you tell someone that wrestling isn't real, when they truly believed it was and you completely shatter their illusions so they can never enjoy it the same way again. That is a dick move when you really think about it.

-At some point, I grew a Zach Galifianakis beard, and yet in my mental self-image, I still have a goatee, and I am so absent-minded, I rarely notice I have so much hair on my face. I am like a month or so from having a Grizzly Adams beard... perhaps I should shave.


Dalton J. Fox said...

Any post that includes a reference to A Christmas Story should automatically be ranked right up there with the best post ever.

Didn't Paris Hilton already try to copyright "That's Hot" a few years ago? Maybe I'm wrong about that. In any case, this is just stupid. If they let her actually do this, why can't Trump own "You're Fired"? Of course, that'd be stupid too.

Wait a minute! Wrestling isn't real? Lost isn't either?

Seriously, I'd almost bet money that, at some point in their lifetime, over half of those condescending jerks that like to point out the "fakery" of wrestling were wrestling fans themselves.

Lee Sargent said...

Paris Hilton... um you know she isn't real don't you?

Semaj said...

What about Bazooka Joe? He was the coolest one. I think they should have left the eye patch off Tom Cruise's character, despite that the real person had an eye patch.

To be fair, I thought wrestling was real, back when I was a kid.

MC said...

Dalton: Glad I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the reference.

Hilton apparently does own the copyright to "That's Hot"

And those people... they likely were wrestling fans at one time.

Lee: That's not true... that's not possible. *looks into my heart and knows it is the truth*

Semaj: That's why I used the phrase "if we are above a certain age" for the wrestling thing. I don't see any problem with kids thinking wrestling is real. I can't believe I forgot Bazooka Joe though.

Arjan said...

eye patches..only cool if you're Plisken or a pirate (scars make them cool nomatter what gruesome injury is behind it).

Lost isn't real? *runs away to cry in a corner...yes it is, just because you don't know where the island is doesn't mean it isn't there..*

..copyrighting language...that'll mean that you can start to copyright enormous amounts of language to shut the rest of the world up..or get rich :P

MC said...

If I could copyright Motherfucker and charge Quentin Tarantino and Sam Jackson every time they used it, I'd be a rich, rich man.