Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Television on DVD: I hope 24 sets a new trend

24 has been revolutionary television for quite a while now... and perhaps there is one innovation they introduced last night which all television shows should take to heart and follow themselves.

So while I am watching the finale yesterday, there happened to be a commercial for the full season on DVD... which would be coming out today.

My question is why don't other tv shows do this. I mean, seriously, strike while the iron is hot.

Thinking back, it seems like for the most part, television seasons on DVD come out right before the upcoming season is about to air, and really, if you are trying to get into a show, trying to watch an entire season of a show, especially a one-hour drama, in a week or two before the new season comes on doesn't strike me as particularly conducive to enjoying it. I know some of you are into marathon sessions of box set watching, but having to try to rush through a show so I can understand everything that is going on in the new season seems counterproductive.

The series I am looking at especially for this kind of thing is Lost. I mean, I missed the boat during the first season and I thought about getting the first season on DVD, but it came out so close to the start of the next season that really, I would have been pushing myself to complete that.

Lost is like 24 now, as it is a late starter most of the time, and for this latest season, which finished earlier than the Fox series, it is coming out not this month, or next month or even by the start of Fall. No... if you want to watch Lost on DVD, you will have to wait until December.

Granted, this is the first time 24 is being released this early, as it was also a December release in previous years. I am just hoping that this signals a new trend for television seasons on DVD. And at least with one other Fox show, it seems to be... as the final season of Prison Break is also being released mere weeks after it finished its television run.


Arjan said...

couldn't agree more. For PB it's a must because otherwise no one will want to buy it.
I've been watching it for the last season just because I want to know how it ends (haven't seen the finale yet..but it's on the pc waiting for me).

Oh and they should find a way to make it affordable! 50€ for a season of a show is just beyond my wallet.

MC said...

Prison Break is also trying to sell an additional movie coming out in late July, so getting the season out the door on DVD also helps them out.

Dalton J. Fox said...

I didn't realize 24 was doing this. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius. I agree with you 100%, MC. All shows should start doing this.

Arjan said...

I wonder what the movie would be about because the series has a pretty definitive end (without going into spoilers).

MC said...

Dalton: Hopefully it results in greater sales.

Arjan: It recounts events that happened between segments during the finale.

Arjan said...

hmm that sounds a bit...lame.
Of course I'm going to see it *download* but I don't see what making such a movie has for the story.
I think most people who were still watching are just happy that it's over now.

MC said...

There were a few things left unresolved in the closing moments of the series.