Monday, May 18, 2009

Part of a New set of Podcasts now

While the Culture Kills Music Podcasts are on Hiatus for retooling, I've taken fellow blogger up on his offer to contribute to his own pop culturally related podcasts (or podcats as he calls them). Don't worry. There will eventually be more CKMPs, I promise.

Lee Sargent of Quit Your Day Job has opened up the doors of his own podcast to his fellow bloggers for a sort of roundtable discussion... he is trying to get a Skype teleconferences going, but last week he wasn't able to get that together, so I sent him a bunch of audio clips of me talking about the topic at hand, which was Television series finales.

I expect to be a heavy contributor to this effort over the coming weeks, and I am sure Lee would love to hear your thoughts as well, as he is actively soliciting for not just on the podcast personalities, but also the opinions of his fellow bloggers on the topics he is covering. This looks like it will be rather lively when everything comes together. I remember my first efforts in both collaborative blogging and podcasting, so I know that things might start off a little rocky, but in the end, everything will end up in a nice groove.


Semaj said...

good to hear, I'll give it a try.

MC said...

Looks like Lee has a few more people lined up for the upcoming episode as well.