Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Express Checkout: Fighting, Jackie Chan, Miss California

  • I think I liked the movie Fighting better when I played it as Def Jam: Fight For NY. I mean, seriously... they look like the same kind of story... only DJ:FFNY has more stars than Fighting.

  • There is a lot of controversy about Jackie Chan saying that he thought that the people of China needed to be controlled and was unsure about people having freedom. I thought it was a weird thing to say as well, but then I realized that he was in mainland China, giving a speech to a group of businessmen who liked what he said. Considering that the Chinese government can make decisions that can affect if his movies are available or even open in the country, of course, he is going to take a neutral position. I think people forget that he grew up in Hong Kong before the Chinese takeover and his parents worked at the American Embassy in Canberra, so it seems to me he was playing the situation in a rather smart way. He knew the audience, knew what sort of comment would play well and basically did what he needed to do for his career in mainland China.

  • Speaking of boneheaded remarks, there is a lot of furor about the answer Miss California gave at the recent Miss USA pageant. She was asked by Perez Hilton about gay marriage and she said that she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I disagree with her stance strongly, but it was her right as a contestant to give that answer. And really, does anyone have any expectation that what a beauty queen says while trying to win a title has any real merit, because we all remember those epic answers that some have given in the past that have led to widespread changes in the world. Wait, I don't remember any insightful answer... ever. I mean, wasn't it a few years ago when we were all laughing about a contestant from South Carolina talking about maps.


Semaj said...

Fighting: First off, they couldnt even come up with a better name? And I think its funny that your completely correct about DFFNY having more stars.

Chan: I can see your point, and we discussed it. I only have a problem with him bad mouthing Hong Kong and Taiwan. But, I can see your side too. Perhaps, he can meet up with Hulk Hogan, Billy Bob and make a Bonehead society

US Pageant: The bigger question should be; Why is Perez Hilton there and asking questions?

MC said...

Try looking up "Fighting" on google... that tells you how dumb an idea naming it just that was.

And the Taiwan/Hong Kong thing is again one of those things that is likely attributable to the audience. I have a feeling it would be the equivalent of going to I think CPAC and saying Obama is doing great as president... that wouldn't fly at all.

And Perez Hilton was a judge... I still can't answer why though.