Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best. Email. Ever.

Last Friday, CaptnKurt and his blog Information Nation won the Pageant of the Transmundane. This morning, I received the following email which I thought was worth sharing.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the mention of and link to Information Nation over at Culture/Cutlery, as well as the posthumous Transmundane Award. I will do my best not to sully the good name of my worthier predecessors. Memo to self: actually read a couple of the other award-winners' posts to see if the really are worthier.

Oh, wait. Did I say posthumous? That can't be right. Additional memo to self: Janine in Personnel needs to look into this...

Well, dead or alive, I think your blog is great, and I will keep an eye on it in the future. And by "keep an eye on it" I mean "steal content from and not attribute it to you".

Just kidding! And by "just kidding", I mean "I'm not kidding".



I would consider that an acceptance speech, wouldn't you?


Jeremy Barker said...

Aw Information Nation. I've been "keeping an eye on it" for a while now. A worthy recipient.

Megan said...


SK said...

Love the posthumous comment! I want an award too now. :(

Arjan said...

I applauded.

MC said...

Jeremy: Indeed. And this letter makes sure it received some additional attention from me as well.

Megan: Quite.

SK: Well, posting a comment gives you a shot because now I am likely to visit your blog a few times.

Arjan: One of those slow applauses from a 1980's movie?

Arjan said...

now just a méant applaus! No sarcasm at all (at least I think you meant an insert sarcasm 'oh well yeah it's great' applaus.

I've been spamming a lot of people with Kaleidomice recently :D

MC said...

I meant those slow inspirational slow applauses that happen mainly in sports movies.