Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Night Video: Trans Europe Express

Back in the early part of the decade, I heard about a weird sounding conceptual album by German musician Uwe Schmidt. Under the name Senor Coconut, he recorded a group of Kraftwerk songs with a Latin twist for his first full length album.

And recently someone redubbed the original Kraftwerk video with the Senor Coconut version, which is just double glazed awesome. Enjoy.

I sort of want 1:20 through 1:40 to be a ringtone for a cell phone, I really do.


Dr. Monkey said...

I love me some Kraftwerk.

MC said...

I love all things krautrock related and influenced.

Arjan said...

never heard this before. Then again, I only know kraftwerk by's one of those bands I still need to listen to (just like Interpol).

Anonymous said...

Awesome find. I found the album and might just have to get the whole thing.

MC said...

Arjan: I was blissfully unaware of Lily Allen in terms of music for a long time.

Thom: Glad you enjoyed it.