Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Night Video: Secret

I bought a cd that was put out to coincide with a local music festival in 2000 many months after said event had occurred. And out of all the tracks on that collection (one which featured many prominent Canadian acts like The Dears), this song by the Mean Red Spiders was the one I liked the best.

I recently discovered that someone had made a music video to the song, and despite not being official, it is still pretty sweet.

Shoegaze FTW.


Arjan said...

pretty sweet.
Although this album version doesn't sound too much like 'a wave of sound' that the article about shoegaze describes being typically shoegaze.

Next to that, only the name 'my bloody valentine' rings a bell, I think we missed out on our side on the pond. It reminds me a bit of some tracks from Air or 4Hero.

MC said...

Check out the Cocteau twins... I think you'll find that more in keeping with how I've positioned in in shoegaze.