Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Favorites: Things I'd like to see in a zombie movie

When I wrote this, I hadn't seen a particular movie which sort of touches upon one of my ideas, so just sort of ignore it.

How come no one, when they are out of ammo, tries to bash a zombie's teeth out so they can no longer really bite or kneecap them so they can't walk anymore? Seems like a natural solution to the problem?

How about when zombies eat brains, they actually improve in health(so to speak), or get smarter(because really, that would make as much sense as zombies to begin with).

Or how about having a movie where there is an actual zombie culture and society which is parallel to our own(shopping malls excluded of course)?

4 words: Soylent Green for Zombies

Titles: The Zombie Crusade: The Pope's greatest mistake, Zombie House(with an animatronic John Belushi of course), Zombie Surf Beach, Zombies vs. Pedophiles, Caged Zombie in heat(Fire BAD!), The Zombie Menace eats the Beverly Hills Buffet, Debbie Does Zombies, Saving Zombie Ryan, Zombie vs. Zombie(a touching portrayal of undead divorce, where til Death do you part was only the beginning), Zombies of the Pac-10, It's a zombie, zombie, zombie, zombie world; Young Zombies in Love and of course, Zombie Fight at the OK Graveyard


Micgar said...

How about "Zombie Chameleon" with the theme song: "Zoma, zoma, zoma,zoma zombie chameleon. You eat our brains...your colors cha-ay ay ange!"

Lee said...

I know that you're not a comic book guy but you should really check out the series The Walking Dead.

It's really awesome and the teeth thing is addressed at one stage. But they also consider other aspects of zombies - how they detect people etc.

It is very clever.

MC said...

Micgar: Almost like a Mood Zombie then ;)

Lee: I'll have to look into that.