Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Night Video: Metal Knight Rider

Last night me and Semaj were discussing many things musically related on his Ustream channel, and we somehow went from Ennio Morricone to 1970's synths to the awesomeness of 1970's tv cop show theme music (including Australian variants) and how Mike Post wrecked television music in the 1980's with his cheesy compositions. In the midst of that conversation, I discovered the following video:

The Knight Rider Theme + Metal Guitar Licks = Damn Fine Work.

You should check out the cover artist's other work... but I warn you, The Duke of Hazzard wasn't his finest hour.


Arjan said...

it sounds (even) better with guitars. Overhere they've got a radio show where they make a guitarized version of a random song on regular basis.

MC said...

I know there is also a version of the theme that involves someone beatboxing while playing the flute, which is interesting to say the least.