Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Matt is Not Here Right Now

Matt is currently unavailable. At this time he is recording an interview for the Canadian pop culture radio series, Definitely Not the Opera regarding the Pop Culture Supreme Court, as part of a show which will air on Saturday December 13th.

He is also likely freaking out, and regretting his decision to stop drinking, smoking, sniffing glue and referencing the movie Airplane on the same day. If you ever heard his one mini-podcast, you'd know why.

Update: And I blew it. I mean, I really tanked it. It was so horrific that they can't use it. UNUSABLE! As someone who was part of it, I totally understand. It was as if I was living as a Ricky Gervais character.

I mean, me and the oral presentation of information do not go well together. I think the word that best describes it is infamous. I have had a rather sorted history with being really bad in that format, and well, this was just one more occasions where I shot myself in the foot.


Anonymous said...

Eeek, good luck Matt!

Jeremy Barker said...

Screw 'em for not letting you have another shot at it. The interview, that is, not your foot. But if this means we can revive the Pop Culture Supreme Court, it has been a success, interview or not.

Maven said...

Good luck, MC!

Love the Airplane! reference!

You should podcast more often! Practice makes purpose... have fun with it!

Maven said...


Arjan said...

hmm maybe practice on some podcasting. At least the blog's still here.

MC said...

Hilly: Didn't break a leg, so there is that.

Jeremy: Yes, it means we can revive the court, and I think I've thought of some ways it can work better for everyone involved.

Maven: The Airplane references were more on the money that I could have ever imagined.

Arjan: Yes, getting some practice in minipodcasts would be best I think.