Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is how to do a movie trailer: The Shining

I really wish Hollywood filmmakers could get the concept of simplicity in their heads when it comes to putting together their trailers. Robert Zemeckis especially (because, no, not every person who goes to the movies wants to know the whole plot of your movie before we pay to get in).

I mean, that trailer tells you who is in the movie, who directed it, and then gives you a spooky flavor of what you are going to see without wrecking the plot for you at all. I totally respect this trailer.


Arjan said...

coincidence has it that I just borrowed this movie from someone because I think I've never seen it completely. I just fell in mid-story once.

A good trailer, it tells nothing except that it's scary and it still makes you curious about the movie.

MC said...

Exactly :)

Micgar said...

I hadn't seen this trailer-I don't think-I love the movie-one of the best horror/thrillers ever!
Yes that was pretty unique for a trailer-esp a horror-type film trailer-usually they "spill their guts" and show some scenes with the climactic scene thrown in there too.

MC said...

When you see the trailer, you don't know that. It is pure atmosphere.