Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Daily Show renames Air Quotes

Yes, the writers at The Daily Show have come up with a much more descriptive term for air quotes that really cuts to the heart of their true intent.

From here on out, they are now to be called Dick Fingers. It is a crude, but surprisingly apt description of them.

Now, I've used air quotes... err, dick fingers, in the past, and when I did, I really was being a dick. I admit it (and admitting you have/had a problem is the first step to getting help). And when I was then mocked for doing so with a not so flattering imitation of myself performed by a peer, I totally deserved it, because really, friends don't let friends do the dick fingers. Ever.

And if I get caught doing them again, now someone can just tell me to stop doing the dick fingers, I will immediately get the drift, as it wouldn't just be telling me that I was acting pretentious, but that I was being a dick as well. And if everyone else got on board with this naming convention, then we may be able to rid ourselves of the worst excesses of air quote usage.

And then we would be free at last.


Semaj said...

great post, I'm going to have to remember to stop doing the 'dick fingers' motion (yeah that sounded disgusting).

When I tend to be an Arrogant ass, I tend to fall back to it

Megan said...

I can't even write it. But I won't do it ever no more.

MC said...

Semaj: If I wasn't guilty of the offense myself, I wouldn't have gotten such a pop from it.

Megan: You can write it. Come on, you know you want to write it.

Arjan said...

I thought they only did this in movies hehe

MC said...

It reminds me of college actually. That seems to be where I picked up the habit.

Micgar said...

I am guilty of doing them too! I know it's "bad," I just can't stop "doing" them!

MC said...

I am sure it makes you unique in your state though.