Friday, October 03, 2008

Limp Bizkit Reunites -- I Weep

There was a sketch on an episode of Saturday Night Live a about a decade back featuring Helen Hunt, the band Hanson and Will Ferrell which had the premise of trapping Hanson in an elevator and forcing them to listen to MMMbop over and over again so that they could feel the pain that the American public felt because of the song's exposure over the previous summer.

This is the fate that should befall the members of Limp Bizkit. You see, they have decided to get back together (without Wes Borland who naturally sees the disaster impending), and as such, they should be forced to stay locked in an elevator, playing their albums in a loop for no less than 300 cycles a piece.

I mean, we had Fred Durst out of music, making movies, so he was behind a camera (even if the movies he worked on were generously referred to as hit or miss), and we didn't have to hear or see him for large chunks of time... and now that's ruined.

Who was clamoring for this reunion, because I know I certainly wasn't. How can we miss them ('cha right), when they won't go away?


Arjan said...

I'll just wait till the cd turns up before passing judgement.
I díd like 2 of their cd's...

And hmmbop should only be played once or twice per year...otherwise your ears will hmmbop off.

MC said...

See, as soon as I heard the story that their record company bought time to play their songs on the radio, I could never like them. And then Fred Durst's general public demeanor and the increasingly lackluster work as a singer really makes me dread seeing anything they are collectively working on.

Micgar said...

I think the tag you had for this post National Tragedy fits in this instance.

MC said...

I thought about also featuring the words international incident... but I thought that might be going too far.