Thursday, October 02, 2008

Aw man... look at what we did

Somehow, Rick Astley has been nominated for an award at the European MTV music awards because of all the rickrolling that has been going on as of late. Oh the humanity.

Yeah, I know that it was funny once, but wow, this thing has to stop. I mean, Rick Astley was gone... we didn't have to see or hear his music unless it was a retro weekend or you were hanging around someone who was totally into the 80's.

But now he may be recognized as the Best Act In The History of the MTV EMAs, and even though the voting may be a joke, and MTV has long ceased to be a viable entity in the music industry, the prospect that the mockery of Rick Astley somehow makes him in anyway cool again is horrifying. How did we let this happen as a society?

I don't know if any of us can stop the ship from hitting the iceberg... but I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part. And I am that somebody.

I am advocating a replacement clip for some form of rolling, and I think I have just such a replacement.

Behold the new ownage.

I think that it would work. Please roll someone with it tonight if you love pop culture and don't want to see Rick Astley get a gratuitous award because a group of us on the internet just didn't think about what we were doing when we were perpetuating the game... we just didn't know it would go this far.


Jeremy Barker said...

While I second your desire to shit down the rickroll, I think the whole rolling concept should be tossed overboard.

A beast has been created that must be killed and no matter the clip, when thousand of people are sending it around we will inevitably regret that too. The rolling must stop.

And by the way, all hail the Hypnotoad!

Megan said...

I lasted 21 seconds...

Arjan said...

well..I say..hail to Rick Astley if 'he''s able to stop Tokio Hotel from winning!!! I've seen people Dutch fora where they called for massive voting on Rick...and I bet there are dozens of countries where they call for it haha.

The Hypnotoad vid has been removed :(

mfheadcase said...

I prefer to inflict this on people...

Subverted rock classics ftw.

MC said...

Jeremy: If the clip is so painful, perhaps like nuclear weapons, there will be mutually assured annoyance at their introduction to a thread or forum. We haven't gotten to Banana phone rolling and Peanut Butter Jelly time rolling, so there is still time to prevent things going nuclear.

Megan: I made it through to the end... I didn't cry.

Arjan: I've never heard one of their songs, but I've seen a picture. Someone should tell them that androgyny went out of style in 1975... and in 1988.

Mfheadcase: An interesting choice.