Friday, September 05, 2008

A Tale of Two Celebrities

Kim Kardashian has stated that she is interested in starting a music career. No one has offered her the opportunity, mind you, but she still expressed the desire to move from acting to singing with the help of Michael Jackson or Timbaland.

Well, if she sings half as good as she acts, we'll all be in big trouble.

I mean, is there anyone really clamoring for a Kim Kardashian album at the moment (just the songs, not the videos that would go along with them). I am wagering that for most people, that would be a no.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt recently admitted that he would love to be a rock star himself, and given his money, influence and likely drawing power, he might be able to achieve that dream. However, he said that because he knows his talents aren't in music, he would never pursue that. He knows his limitations. He knows that he would suck as a professional musician, and even though he could totally get away with starting some vanity band that people would go to see even if the music was horrific, but Pitt isn't going to put us through that, and I commend him for knowing his limitations.

I mean, someone getting opportunities that they clearly don't have the talent, drive or experience to excel at just because they are a celebrity or they fill a particular niche that will help someone higher up the chain advance their career is sort of crappy no matter who is involved and in the end, we all have to suffer.


Micgar said...

Hey Matt-I would not mind seeing Kim's ass sing, but not her, like, mouth or anything else. Geez did that just come out of me?! Can't believe I said that!

Arjan said...

I'd have to agree with micgar.
It's a bit like all those people who think, oh well..I could make a movie..and than make one hell of a poop-movie.

MC said...

Micgar: Well, we've seen a lot of people talk out of their ass... singing wouldn't be out of the question.

Arjan: That stuffs legal over there though, isn't it... I don't think the American censors would dig that too much.

Arjan said...

unfortunately, I guess they'd show it on tv overhere if someone would make such a program. yay for freedom or something.

MC said...

See, we have some liberal tv up here in Canuckistan, but no way would fecal porn pass muster for broadcast over the air.