Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Express Checkout: Closets, Duckman and Wall Street

  • Well, it was a ginger double reveal yesterday as both Clay Aiken and Lindsay Lohan came out of the proverbial closet (Aiken on the cover of People magazine with his child and Lohan in a radio conversation), and it is my sincere hope, and I have a feeling I speak for a lot of people, that by the end of this news cycle, this is the last time anyone really talks about either story. I know that won't happen of course, but one can dream can't they?

  • Last week, I learned that one of my favorite animated programs, Duckman, had its first two seasons released on DVD. Now if we can just get Daria and the rest of The Larry Sanders Show out on the market, my wishlist from this entry will be complete.

  • Is it just me or does anyone else think it was weird that Michael Douglas had to field questions about the current financial crisis in the United States because he was in Wall Street 21 years ago?


SamuraiFrog said...

Well, according to the Sarah Palin theory of learning through osmosis, Michael Douglas starred in the movie "Wall Street" so he's got genuine brokerage experience.

MC said...

If you follow that through to its logical conclusion, he'd also be a strong presidential candidate against an older muckraking Republican, wouldn't he?

Peter Lynn said...

I remember that when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, CNN's coverage cut to Arsenio Hall to get his reaction, since apparently, having had Bill Clinton play the saxophone on his talk show years before that made him some kind of expert.

His take was something like "Oh man, she's kind of a dogface. Hillary's going to have him sleeping on the couch tonight!"

Thanks, Arsenio.

Micgar said...

yeah like samuraifrog said-experience in the Age Of Palin means just association.

Arjan said...

Duckman!!! is all I can/need to say.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Lohan is gay?

NO... really.


MC said...

Peter Lynn: Well, I think as someone who ripped on political figures as part of his living, getting his opinion was more valid than going after Michael Douglas for Wall Street advice.

Micgar: Well, then that would make Martin Sheen the most qualified candidate out there then, having played a president 3 times (and a few chiefs of staff.

Arjan: DWA! *suddenly has an image of you talking like Ajax*

Sean: I know, it is just so absolutely shocking, isn't it... now let's never speak of it again.

Jeremy Barker said...

I'd always wondered why Duckman wasn't on DVD. People had such a visceral dislike of it, more so than when Family Guy debuted, but I always enjoyed it. It was George, without all of his Seinfeld social niceties.

MC said...

I think Duckman in terms of having a moral to a lot of the stories was almost a spiritual predecessor to South Park.

I guess the Zappas finally relented or came to an agreement over the music on the show.

Jeremy Barker said...

It really doesn't get the recognition it deserves. While the Simpsons may have opened the door for prime time cartoons, Duckman kicked in its own entrance in the wall beside it and let in all the edgier fare that populates the airwaves these days.