Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Community Shoutout: House of Self-Indulgence

I have to admit that as of late, I haven't been the best member of the blogging community. I haven't been commenting enough on the work of my peers(though rest assured, I've been reading it), and I've been leaving comments unanswered for too long here as well.

And in some small way, I would like to make amends for that by giving a shoutout to one of my peers who is doing some fine specialized work in pop cultural analysis.

You see, a couple of weeks ago while I was looking at my Sitemeter, I had noticed I had gotten a hit from a blog called The House of Self-Indulgence, and after checking it out, it has been one of the first blogs I check every morning. It is a cinematic blogging tour de force.

Every once in a while, I do a Remembering column about a movie that, while perhaps not being the best, still holds a loving place in my heart. Well, what I do every few months, blogger Yum-Yum does every day. Personally, I respect that level of commitment to film as a whole. I envy not only the quality of the content, but the breakneck speed at which it is produced.

And the breadth of reviewed material is astonishing. There's cult horror, teen comedies, much maligned Sci-fi and so much Anna Faris and Betsy Russell love it hurts (and don't get me wrong, I mean hurts in a good way).

Let me give you a sample of the wit and wisdom Yum-Yum brings to the medium:

"Out of all the Canadian films from the mid-1990s about necrophilia, I'd have to say Lynne Stopkewich's wonderfully tactile Kissed is my favourite."

(Yes, I admit it... Canadians like their movies a little adventuresome when it comes to sex... I mean, the same year Kissed came out, Cronenberg released Crash... we're dirty birdies above the 49th parallel).

But the thing that got me hooked on the site was a review of a movie I hadn't seen since 1985: Voyage of the Rock Aliens, and helped me remember what mesmerized me at age 8. And then a week later, Yum Yum reviewed The Legend of Billie Jean, which was the subject of one of my own early remembering columns as well.

And no blog like this would be complete without a review of Buckaroo Banzai.

So in short, I highly recommend you check out the House of Self-Indulgence... you won't be sorry.


Megan said...

I don't always comment, but I too always read.

I will check this place out...

Arjan said...

as fas as I'm concerned you're still doing a great job.

Thanks for House of indulgence, now I háve to bookmark ánd put a feed on it..although if I just check everyday I don't have to look at my feed I guess.

MC said...

Megan: I think you will enjoy it.

Arjan: Well, that's how some of my blog reads start out... just daily checking.

Yum-Yum said...

Hey, man, thanks for the all kind words. I'll try my best to keep the Anna Faris and Betsy Russell love going for...well, as long as humanly possible.

MC said...

Well, loving Anna Faris isn't that hard...