Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mean Girls, Clueless and Pretty in Pink to become games

When I first heard that Paramount was licensing Mean Girls, Clueless and Pretty in Pink for video game development, well, I probably had the same reaction you are having reading it here: WHAT?!?

Now from the news releases I've read, these games are being developed in an attempt to bring more female gamers into the fold. However, part of me doesn't see these games being geared to little girls or even tweens, which a majority of the games developed for girls essentially are, because the three movies that were chosen for this enterprise were movies that were formative movies in many an adult's life.

Now I can sort of come up with ideas that would possibly make either a Clueless or Mean Girls game workable conceptually, but for the life of me I can't possibly fathom how one would adapt Pretty in Pink into a game. None. And you know I've seen a lot of games in my lifetime, especially movie tie-ins.

I mean, for Clueless/Mean Girls, they could both play out like Otome games, or play like a couple of Sims clones which would also make sense for the target market as sales of The Sims skews heavily in the direction of females anyway, and that would probably work out well. Or they could be built around a series of mini-games. For Clueless for example, off the top of my head, I could see a driving test mini game, dressing Tai to fit in with the clique game, a Tai-Elton/Ms. Geist-Mr. Hall matchmaking game and so many more. And with Mean Girls, I could see games involving fattening up Regina George, trying to collect pages of the Burn Book(and perhaps another one where you initially try to become popular by getting people to like you), a small fight sequence after the contents of the Burn Book are made public and so on.

But Pretty in Pink? Wow, I am truly drawing a blank on how that could possibly work, though an article about these games at Catwalk Queen does have a possible vision for that particular title I hadn't considered. And that would qualify as a casual game in my mind.

Of course, considering that both The Warriors and The Godfather were Paramount properties, these three new games in development will have a lot to live up to.


Ravenblack said...

Mean Girls could be a good game if it was done like Bully. And everybody knows mean girls in school can be really mean in so many ways.

>>these games are being developed in an attempt to bring more female gamers into the fold.

As were the Barbie games. Some game devs just never learn...

I get the feeling it's just a bunch of mostly male developers coming together and trying to make something for women or girls, and of course, if they think like that, their project often ends in failure. Probably resulting in a stupid game where all the characters do is zoom around and do things like shopping for outfits and makeup with no aim other than to look "good" and maybe earn useless points.

Semaj said...

If I remember correctly, they had a Desperate Housewives videogame. And, I can't really see how they manage to make that game. I think they're going after the wrong demo of girls anyway.

MC said...

RB: But they are going to be budget titles as well, so I don't think they could do MG right even if they tried doing it like you suggest. Though if they did, and it was released in a console version, I might buy that. I've been thinking about some of the design elements in Bully lately and it is appealing to me greatly in retrospect.

Semaj: I looked it up on Goozex, and they called it a lifestyle simulator, whatever that means.