Friday, July 25, 2008

Express Checkout: Long, Screech'n Horror

  • Rumor has it that Justin Long has for some strange reason decided to drop out of Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, Whip It!. Well, this one is a no brainer, isn't it? Seriously, if you just broke up with someone (correction, if they unceremoniously dumped you), would you want them to direct you? I mean, if given a choice, would most people who have just had their heartbroken work under the direction of someone who knows them intimately and can perhaps twist the knife a little bit to get a reaction they need for the movie or if there is a difference of opinion about how a scene should be played? Really, No Shit Sherlock, was any additional explanation necessary in this case?

  • Dustin Diamond is working on a tell-all book about Saved by the Bell, both on and off the stage with a ghost writer. I guess those sex tape revenues just didn't roll in as expected... and frankly, at this point, what kind of credibility could he possibly have, as he has admitted he has misrepresented his situation on a few occasions.

  • Hairspray is getting a cinematic sequel? So those nightmares of having to see John Travolta in more latex have come true, because no one needs to see that.


Arjan said...

- sounds like a no-brainer.
- Saved by the bell..that's been ages ago since I watched that.
The 'no-shit-sherlock' outfit did bring a little smile to my face, but that's maybe because my sense of humor sucks ;)
- hairspray..don't know and don't wanna know the 1st one.

MC said...

Go back to I believe costume 7... that one was the winner for me.