Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aaron McGruder's R. Kelly Trial prediction

I think this may be spookier than Chris Rock's near perfect prediction about that O.J. Simpson Book.

Back in late 2005, an episode of the Boondocks aired which had to do with the trial of R. Kelly for urinating on an underage girl on tape, and despite the overwhelming evidence that he was on the tape, he was acquitted.

And just last week, R. Kelly, despite the fact that jurors believed conclusively that it was the singer on the tape, was also acquitted in the real child pornography trial.

Yeah. I guess that whole marriage to Aaliyah when she was 14 had absolutely no bearing on this case.


Megan said...

No comment. I guess I say that, because I can.


Arjan said...

vid no longer available..

But it's just plain idiotic.

Arjan said...

blogger is trying my patience..but trying (to comment) for the 4th time I found it.
I really should check out Boondocks more often.

MC said...

Megan: Exactly.

Arjan: That is from the same episode, but it isn't the same clip. The clip I had posted was the actual trial.

Micgar said...

Thanks Arjan for the replacement link! That was a great video. I had never seen a BD episode. oops just saw that MC said its not the same clip.

Arjan said...

which season & episode is it?
Torrentland can help me see it ;)

MC said...

Arjan: It is episode 2, season one called the Trial of R.Kelly.

Micgar: Riley is such a little bastard.