Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spricket24 does it again: Ellen's Reunion

A while back, I had posted a video by a Youtuber nicknamed Spricket24, and while I really enjoy her work, it wasn't until recently that I saw another video I thought was worth sharing.

Recently, there was a sketch comedy contest on Youtube, and this was her entry.

I think I might be willing to do what her character did to get out of her predicament. Well, maybe not, but I'd seriously consider it. Granted, avoiding a reunion is generally worth whatever the price is.


Mayren said...

"this is genius!"

hehe no really - thanks for sharing. this stuff is really good.

Arjan said...

nice one!

MC said...

She does a lot of good comedy.

John Left said...

I LOVES me some spricket24!

Anonymous said...

I hate this unfunny bitch.