Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spaced DVD's coming out for Region 1

Well, I know what I am buying July 23rd, 2008. That's right, those 14 episodes of pure quirky and crispy (as in fried gold) comedy are finally going to be available on DVD in North America.

I've waited a long time for this, and I do hope that they keep all the extras that are in the British sets, because I want to hear all the commentaries, see the short vignettes, and generally really get inside the nuts and bolts of the show. It is one of my favorite television experiences, and I would love for those involved to make some money from my fandom.

Of course, I think the original show being generally available during the summer will make the McG produced, non-Wright/Pegg/Stevenson involved version that Fox is developing look like absolute soulless crap. As all three of the particulars have said, the series was a very personal take on their lives, and by omitting their input on the American version, the producers are basically making the statement that they only want the name and buzz associated with the show, and none of the quality.

About a month ago, I told a certain Youtuber that she would make a great Daisy Steiner, and I would like to retract that, as I wouldn't want her to be so sullied. That's how bad the American version will be.

I don't know if having to endure a bad reinvention is worth having the series available on DVD.... yeah, it probably is... especially since it will likely be very short lived given Fox's penchant for cancellations.


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Off Subject: I really like the youtube lady you linked to. Very good personality and witty.

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SF: Indeed!

Semaj: I have to thank Jen from Casual Slack for posting about her a while back.