Sunday, March 16, 2008

Classic Sunday Night Video: Carlin's Seven Words

I thought I would change things up this week by posting a classic routine from George Carlin regarding the Seven Words you can't say on Television from 1972. Of course, I think that the title alone should be fair warning that the language may not be appropriate for an office setting... well, unless you workplace resembles Glengarry Glen Ross.

But even for a 35 year old piece of comedy, it still has some great teeth in this FCC dominated age of network television.


Arjan said...

On Dutch television/radio you can say all those words without a problem. Foreign artists who come into a radio station's studio always are like...what? I can say fuck on air? - yes you can -

Bart said...

In Soviet Russia, 7 televisions can't say you!

Craig said...

Did you see "It's Bad For Ya," his new show a couple weeks ago? He lost his place a couple times, which fit well with his "I'm an old f*ck" intro, but he was still great.

Bart said...

I saw it. It was definitely a lot better than the one before it "Life is Worth Losing" but after hearing he immediately had serious health issues after that one I cut him some slack.

I also really was entranced the one thing I saw that was sort of a tribute to him. I can't remember if he did a show, or if they just showed some clips, but he then sat down for a one on one interview and the change in his "persona" was extraordinary. He already seems like a guy I'd love to just talk to for hours upon hours, but now even more so.

There was also a wonderful interview he did, I think with the Onions A/V Club a couple days before "It's Bad For Ya," which was a great interview.

Micgar said...

oh boy! I really enjoyed seeing this one! Like you said-this is a classic! George was about at the top of his game then and he hasn't lost much of that sharp wit! He is -as you probably know-one of my favorites!

MC said...

Arjan: You can get away with a lot of them on Canadian TV as well, especially outside of the watershed hours.

Bart: That's 'cause Putin puts the Polonium in them.

Craig: It hasn't aired up here yet... at least it isn't on demand yet. Maybe it will be next month.

Bart: I remember there was a special with a pre-Daily Show Jon Stewart where there was a retrospective, an interview and then Carlin did some newer material.

Micgar: His Stuff Routine is also on FOD.