Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday Night Video: Danger Doom's The Mask

A few days ago, Tuffy over at Fandumb posted an entry about rapper Lupe Fiasco, who she found to be very geek friendly, and in the comments section, I responded that I thought that Madvillain/MF Doom/Danger Doom agreed more with my particular pedigree.

My love of ALLCAPS is legendary, and before responding, I made sure that I wasn't just talking out of my ass, and in doing so, I found this great video.

I thought it was the real video... I mean, it is geek friendly and respecting hip hop over footage from a movie featuring Luchador superstars Santo and the Blue Demon, but it looks like it is indeed an amateur production, and by god, it is pretty damn good. I mean, it is Mexican Wrestling, comic book references and a phat set of beats.

Well, up here in Canada The Boondocks is on, so I am just going to be heading out the door while you enjoy that video.

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